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Glowing reviews of new Album “Keepsakes of the Interior”

By July 5, 2015Blog

Some words from the critics on the new album Keepsakes of the Interior (now on iTunes and Spotify)….

“‘Keepsakes of the Interior’ looks set to blow through indie rock like a fresh Pacific breeze on a summer’s day, at once warming the soul and blowing away the dust of yesterday. A great, relaxed indie treat for the lazy summer months, and beyond.”- PopCulturez 

“If you’ve ever wanted a taste of the psychedelic experience without dipping your toes in the lysergic acid diethylamide waters, music has always been the closest simulation you could get. Pink Floyd’s guitars seemingly melt into thin air. The Beatles melded Indian music with looping and textured sound effects on “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Tame Impala’s guitars bleed in and out to create an evocative sonic landscape. But there are other sides to psychedelic, mind-expanding music beyond those classic 60s sound, and “The Vandal & the Godsend” by Chicago alt-rockers Filligar is a more modern breed of psych-rock.” – Baeble Music

“Steady, solid collection of passion-driven indie rock” – Free Bike Valet

“Keepsakes of the Interior reflects a change in sound – more towards a melodic, indie-rock sound that is best reflected in “Mood Ring”. The percussion-driven single has the feel of The Dodos. It’s cathartic at its highest points while stunning and still euphoric at its calmer moments”  – The Revue

“These might just be Filligar’s finest songs to date.” – Stereo Subversion