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New Tour Dates Announced

By May 27, 2014Blog

Filligar is gearing up for a summer tour. Here is the first round of show announcements:

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  • Uncle Toby says:

    Lads- it’s time to compose a rally song called “Blackhawk”. This song should simultaneously celebrate the Blackhawks winning the Cup again, be a rallying cry for next season, be a rallying song for the US Armed Forces (Blackhawk Down), and be a song of pride for native American Indians. The song should have several opportunities to sing, scream, or shout “Blackhawk(s)”. You can do this.

  • Jama says:

    Casey… Wow! Jim and I listen to your albums and we happened to catch your World Cup jingle last year. Bravo! Believe it or not, I’ve been trying to keep up with you, although I don’t tweet yet! I have been following your ambassadorial stops and I can’t think of any talented individual (and it would appear musical group, too!) who deserves to represent the arts and youth of America more – although I note you are well beyond youth now! Enjoying Hexagon this Sunday morning, mixed in with Pavarotti and Etta James!! I like your Uncle Toby’s idea. Have been waiting patiently to see when you will play the Sunrise Theatre or some place between Palm Beach and Vero Beach. You could visit the Navy Seal Museum for inspiration! I’ll drive across the state for a hug! If not the sunshine state, how about LA? Portland, O? KCCO…

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