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This is a hard copy, digipack of Hexagon. Recorded and released in 2013.

Hexagon (album) was released in July 2013 in the United States and in September 2013 in the United Kingdom. The title refers to the shape of the cube on the cover, rendered as a hexagon in 2D space. It’s also the band’s sixth album.

The album was written in piecemeal while the band was touring in support of their previous album The Nerve. Most of the actual recording was done at Electrical Audio in Chicago.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Filligar.

No. Title Length
1. “New Local” 4:54
2. “Knock Yourself Out” 3:32
3. “Lock & Key” 3:27
4. “Money on the Dark Horse” 7:49
5. “The Thrill” 2:41
6. “Digging for Water” 6:21
7. “Atlas” 4:34
8. “Great Big Heavy” 3:57
9. “Culture Bleach” 4:37
10. “Ozona” 4:53
11. “Pacific Time” 3:30
12. “Trepador” 4:59



“Best New Music” American Songwriter Magazine [3]
“The Muses must be smiling on Filligar. Hexagon rocks and rolls” Paste Magazine[4]
“One of the most exciting modern rock releases of 2013″ Circuit Sweet (UK)[5]
“A great anthem album” VNDL Magazine [6]
“The critics are aligned on [Hexagon]; if you’re a fan of Wilco and solid Americana rock, you’re gonna love this record” Do Savannah Magazine[7]

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